Gaspars Landscaping and Construction started back in 1997, with no jobs or anyone wanting to hire, I set forth on my own. I borrowed a push mower from my parents, scissors to trim and a broom to sweep, put it all in the back of my S-10 truck and off I went.
This company was not handed down to me from anyone or bought; hard work, motivation, care, loyalty and dedication is what this company was built on. If anyone wants to know what its like starting from nothing and becoming what I am today just keep reading.

I was mowing many lawns on my own with no help other than my dad who was sick but still helped out when he could. I was always a people person and love to talk, I found out people are very appreciative and great to deal with, which gave me the strength and willingness to succeed.

As I progressed I got involved in hardscape and irrigation. My dad was a mason in Portugal, he did show many aspects of masonry and did in fact help me on many occasions even as sick as he was, sad to say he never got to see what I turned this company into. He was and still is my hero!!!

I truly love what I do and it shows in my work. To this date (I got rid of the scissors), we own several lawn maintenance machinery, 9 trucks, a commercial building, hydro seeders, excavators, bobcats, trailers, trenchers, ditch witch etc.....

Today we offer professional landscape maintenance, irrigation, construction, and design services to commercial, residential, state and city customers throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. No landscaping job is too big or too small for us to handle. We have over 15 years of professional landscaping and construction experience and are equipped to handle any types of challenges in all fields of hardscape and landscape.

My employees will impress you with their experience and their ability to provide you with consistently good results, always on-time and to your specifications.
We specialize in excavation services, bobcat services, dozer exc......we have also taken masonry to a higher standard of excellence specializing in decorative stamp concrete, stone walls, walkways, patios, foundations, stone and brick veneer, brick driveways, staircases, fireplaces, and fire pits.

Services also we specialize in are asphalt paving, drain/water works, fence installation of all products, lawn irrigation, sod, and all other phases of landscape maintenance. We are licensed and fully insured, with dot numbers, hydraulics license and CDL license. You are safe and covered when hiring my company.

Today I'm still going strong. I look back at how this all started and have not changed my ways towards people or who I am. I never run away from any problems. I respect people and always have smile with a great attitude.
If you love what you do its not a job, its not how you do it but how it gets done!!!!!

Louie Gaspar